Adoption Park

Why Adopt?

There are thousands of dogs looking for a forever home and chances are you’ll find a loving companion that will give you and your family years of unconditional love right here at BCGSR.

Many people are reluctant to adopt a dog from a rescue for various reasons. After all, we all know that there’s a stigma attached. These dogs were given up because they have “issues”. But these so-called “issues” were caused by a deficiency of the HUMAN kind – lack of leadership, exercise and training. In the right home, you’ll find that many of the issue disappear with the right amount of love, patience and attention.

One of the many great things about a dog is that it lives in the moment. That means they forget the past and can’t wait to get to the fun the future holds for them. Sure, the previous owner might have thought that this dog was broken, so it was traded in until they could get a “perfect” dog. But when you adopt a dog from a rescue, that sweetheart  you have your eye on is ready for a fresh start. If you treat this dog right, you’ll find it has so much more potential than the previous owner saw.


Adoption Application(Printable)

Adoption Application(Online)

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Adoption Home Application and Approval Process Breakdown. What to expect…

  • Download and fill out an Adoption Application and mail it back to us.
  • Once we receive your application then a home visit is scheduled to see if the person or family, home and yard are suitable to become an adopter home.
  • You and your family will then meet the dog at Shelzsmide K9’s to see if you are suitable for the rescue and if the rescue feels the dog will be suitable for you.
  • Then the dog is either picked up or transported to the approved Adopter’s New Forever Home.