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This German Shepherd Guy is a gem with personality plus. An inquisitive and super friendly  1 year old who adores everyone, Rico would love to find his furever home.  Rico will do very well in a home that could dedicate some time helping him with obedience homework. He is a very quick study and will reward you time and again with companionship, hugs and kisses.  If you are interested in Rico please contact us immediately.


This beautiful girl is looking for a new forever home after misplacing her old one. She has an adorable personality, is very affectionate and is such a clever girl. Heidi is 4 years young. Heidi is a lovely-natured dog who just wants to be part of a loving family again. Due to ongoing health issues, she will need an extra-special owner who is willing to give him the level care that she needs. She would do well being the Queen of the Hill in your house so she doesn’t have to share you with anyone else.


Here is where the “Majic” happens. Majic is sister to Arya seen below. She has had a troubled past like her sister but is growing in confidence and personality by leaps and bounds.  She is great with dogs and with kids, and she is making progress in trusting both men and women.  (To read more about Majics story and our  Rescue sign up to receive our Summer Newsletter Coming out Soon). She would love to have a home where there is another dog to keep company and play with. She is a little under a year old and would love to find a new home soon.


Look at that cute face!!
Our little fawn colored sweetheart Arya, is still waiting to find
her fur-ever loving home. Bouncy and energetic, she gets
along well with all other dogs, small kids and is very much connected
to female humans. She is still working on her trust issues with men
and making some improvements,
but has a long road ahead. If you are interested in 
adopting our sweet
Arya visit our applications page and begin the process.
She is waiting.


Zoe is currently being fostered locally and doing extremely well despite .
coming to us HW +. She will need a quiet home
for a few months but once she is cleared she will undoubtedly
return to a normal routine.
Ideally she would do better in a home without small
animals and a nice fenced in yard to run around in.
She is extremely friendly.
If you are interested in adopting Zoe please contact us so
we can get you started on the adoption process. 
Acquisition Date: 04/20/18


Gabby  just came in. 
She is very sweet but a little
skittish because of a rough life.
She is approximately 2 years old
and needs to find her forever home.
She seems to be fine with other dogs and kids. 
Acquisition Date: 04/12/18


Noelle was part of the rescued bonded pair from New Mexico.
She had 9 puppies that have almost all been placed in loving  homes.
She was such a good mommy, and now needs a home she can call her own. 
Noelle is very friendly and does well with kids and most other dogs.
Acquisition Date: 12/10/17


He is a 4-year old male Sable German Shepherd. You won’t believe your eyes when you see how handsome he is!! He will knock your socks off. He does have a limp on a front leg his front left paw which looks like he’s had a badly healed fracture. Only he knows what really happened. It doesn’t stop him from walking elegantly and running around just fine.He is great on leash and does not pull. He he does have a dominant personality so he may need someone with experience with GSD’s. He may be dog selective so he may do better in a home when he is the only dog or with a submissive female. He is looking for his forever HOME!!
Acquisition Date: 01/31/2018


Yukon is our dad from the New Mexico bonded pair that arrived here at our rescue last Christmas. He is the proud papa of nine awesome pups that now how new homes.  Yukon is being fostered by one of our rescue volunteers who tells me how Yukon has been very quick to learn the rules of his new environment. He is good with all children but especially the older children and loves being the center of attention. There is another female GSD in the house; but she has not been so quick to be friends; although he is always a gentleman. He is fully house trained and crate trained. 
If you are interested please contact us.
Acquisition Date: 12/10/17 

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