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Lilly is another of our sweet senior GSD’s. Lilly is 9 years old and  she is available for adoption. Seniors deserve to live out their lives in a home not in a shelter.


Love or Lovie, whichever you choose to call her she is true to her name. She is our  18 month old Mama dog to the two four month old male puppies pictured below named KC and JOJO.  They are all heart worm negative and needing a fresh start at life. If you are interested please contact us. 

 JoJo is a 4 Month Old Male GSD available for adoption.

 KC is a 4th Month Old Male GSD. Available for Adoption.



Rane is a 4 year old, spayed female GSD. Rane looks and behaves like your typical GSD. Fun, loving and loyal. Acquisition Date 9/18/18


This sweet, timid girl is looking for a new forever home. She has an adorable personality once she gets to know you and she is extremely affectionate. Rona is learning to trust humans and how to be a dog for the first time.

Acquisition Date 9/18/18


Midnight is a 3 yr. old, spayed female GSD. Her prior owner fell sick and found that he could no longer take care of her the way that she needed to be taken care of. Rather than dropping her off at a random shelter he surrendered her. She was a single dog  for her first three years of life and was very sheltered so everything is new, big and a little scary. We are working with her daily to help her to build trust in humans and work through her fears and anxieties. She is a sweetheart.







Molly is our newest arrival. She’s an older lady – 8 yrs young, with a wonderful happy temperament. She’s quiet, gentle and undemanding & would love a new forever home. Let her be your companion while you sit outside reading the paper or doing the gardening.
Shelter ID A197150







Look at that cute face!!Our little fawn colored sweetheart Arya, is still waiting to find her fur-ever loving home. Bouncy and energetic, she gets along well with all other dogs, small kids and is very much connected to female humans. She is still working on her trust issues with men and making improvements, but has a long road ahead. If you are interested in adopting our sweet Arya visit our applications page and begin the process. She is waiting.


Applications Page 
Fur-Ever Club Page