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If you are looking for a way to help homeless dogs in our community, fostering is a wonderful way to get involved. Fostering involves taking an animal into your home and caring for the animal until it finds an adoptive home. Fosters may be with you anywhere from a few days to a few months, and can be a rewarding way to get involved in our animal community.

BCGSR will pay for the dog’s veterinary care and other expenses – all you have to do is provide a home and care for the dog. Reach out us and save lives by fostering. You’ll be saving the life of the dog you foster, as well as saving the life of the dog whose spot was opened up by you taking in your foster.

 Foster Application

Foster Application

Email your Foster Application to:

How to Ensure You Have a Good Foster Experience:

  • Make sure your entire family is prepared to bring a foster dog into the home.
  • Your own dogs, if you have any, should not be aggressive towards other dogs and should have basic obedience training before bringing any new dogs into the home.
  • If you have a cat, make sure you introduce the dog slowly to your cat, and give your cat a safe, dog-free place to go to.
  • Be prepared to potty-train your foster dog if necessary.
  • If you have young children, be very selective about the dog you take in. 
  • Our rescue is always willing to take the dog back if things do not work out so do not feel pressured. We will work with to make it an all around great experience for you and the dog.
  • Take time to train your foster in basic cues and manners. This will make them a lot more adoptable.
  • Socialize your dog as much as you can, not just to people but to other dogs. A social dog is easier to place.

Foster Home Application and Approval Process Breakdown. What to expect…

  • Download and fill out a Foster Application and mail it back to us.
  • Once we receive your application then a home visit is scheduled to see if the person or family, home and yard are suitable to become a foster home.
  • You and your family will then meet the dog at Shelzsmide K9’s to see if you are suitable for the rescue and if the rescue feels the dog will be suitable for you.
  • Then the dog is either picked up or transported to the approved Foster.