Janis Mlekoday Bio Page

Janis has been social since the second she could talk. Making friends and connections wherever she goes. She has had a long time fascination with technology and wanted to put her passion into use. By blending these two elements, Janis fell into the world of digital educational technology teaching to students for over 20 years. Janis spends her days connecting, creating and teaching her elementary school students and dreaming up digital lessons as a public school teacher. Her evenings are spent dedicating her unique skill set to her most recent passion; Big Cypress German Shepherd Rescue. Janis is an avid traveler and adventurer but loves to be a homebody just as much as the next person. She wholeheartedly believes the magic is in the journey, not the destination. She lives for moments made, connections and conversations had with her students, dogs, loved ones and even strangers. This is what makes life more vivid and inspiring to her.