Kelsey Boomer Bio Page

Kelsey is originally from Southeast Michigan. She moved to Florida in 2014. She is a
licensed veterinary technician and certified canine rehabilitation practitioner. Kelsey is a
founding member of Big Cypress German Shepherd Rescue. She was lucky enough to
meet Michelle Delaney in 2015 when Michelle started bringing her SAR K9, Rina, to see
Kelsey for physical rehabilitation. Shortly after meeting Rina, Kelsey got the opportunity
to adopt a special needs German Shepherd from a rescue in Michigan. His name is
Lloyd, and he has Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. Michelle also had a dog at that time
with the same disease, so between EPI and Rina, Kelsey and Michelle formed a lasting
friendship. Kelsey was able to be a part of Big Cypress GSR right from the beginning.
Kelsey is a proponent for canine fitness and overall wellness. She frequently acts as a
transporter for BCGSR, and is our Cape Coral area liaison. Kelsey enjoys conditioning
work and running with her own dog, and has participated the past two years in the US
Canine Biathlon in Alabama. She also enjoys backcountry camping and hiking, paddle
boarding, and fishing. She hopes to teach Lloyd to paddle board this fall.