Puerto Rico Dog Rescue Effort

They arrived!!

Piere Gladiator

Our Puerto Rico Rescue effort began early on October 5th, 2017 when we were notified of the Plight of 9 German Shepherds and 5 Cats in need of state side assistance.

Our efforts and our dream includes Heidi’s Legacy Dog Rescue, Shepherds Beyond Borders, Barbara Kreischer, Sheila Arbo LaChance and Davida Xm, Michelle Delaney of Big Cypress GS rescue, Tina Zinn of Redemption Rescue, Tena Hillman and Dr.Vargis of Heidi’s Legacy, and Miracle GSDR of Maine. Our little rescues have come together to make a difference. We began our donation campaign by inundating social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with donation pleas. We are asking for life saving dollars for the (updated numbers) 10 German Shepherds, 1 Rottweiler, and at least 5 cats we are bringing to the USA from hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico. Water has just this week been restored to possibly half of the island but sewage is entering the rivers, lakes etc. and contaminating groundwater sources. Chances for disease are running high for humans and animals.

Our rescued animals have to be vetted in accordance with Florida law since this is the point of entrance, shots and tests. We asked if anyone had connections with vets in order to keep reasonably low: prices we are looking at are a minimum of, if not more than, $150 per animal =$2,250. The plane is approximately $4,000, plus crates!  This was a big undertaking for the small rescue groups we are working with, but so worth it. Please consider donating- we cannot save these animals without support from our communities! All donations are tax deductible.

The plane has not been able to leave Florida to get to Puerto Rico because of the weather front that has been slowly moving down the state of Florida. High winds are making it unsafe for our pilot to reach the island.

Now that we are almost at the end of October with a November 1st deadline is looming over our heads, we are feeling the pressure every day that passes and we do not fly. This has been both emotionally and physically exhausting for all of us involved, and we feel like we are failing the dogs that we are so desperately trying to rescue.  So much has gone into coordinating efforts, with several small rescues working together from Maine to Florida, people in Puerto Rico getting vaccines, food, water whatever little supplies we could get to maintain and give life support to these desperate creatures. But, we are stuck in limbo now with no way to get these dogs and cats to safety till the weather clears up. This could be detrimental to the health of these animals.

The campaign continues and will continue well after these animals are finally state-side with us. The need for money isn’t just to get them here, it is to continue to improve their health and wellbeing until they are able to be adopting into loving homes. Please consider donating, or reach out to one of our rescues to ask how you can make a difference for the PR 10!

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