Shirley Lubo Bio Page

Shirley is our outreach coordinator and also assistant to the Board of Directors.
fell in love with the dog world shortly after meeting our president, Michelle
Delaney. She sought out training for her own GSD, Oliver. Michelle had just
started the rescue and asked Shirley if she could help out at their first ever
event. Since then, Shirley has committed to saving German Shepherds! She is
also Michelle’s assistant at ShelzsmideK9’s. Whether she is transporting, keeping
up with our social media, establishing relationships and partnerships, or out
physically working with the dogs – she devotes her life to the well being of our
furry friends. Shirley and Oliver love being out on the town and exploring new
places. When she is not working, you can find her nose deep in a good book.
She is a huge fan Disney, Marvel and DC comics. Oliver is a huge fan of being
around his mom and trying out agility equipment!