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Happy Tails
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Olive 0530

Happy Tails story! We have a child with a severe disability whom is now 25. Tiara has had a service dog in the past and now that she is older we did not pursue another due to the fact she lives in a group home and only comes home every other weekend to spend time with us. Firecracker initially was curious about Tiara but hasn’t shown any interest when she has been home. Recently she has gone into her room and got up on her bed with her and has snuggled close to her. I observed it a few times and it’s simply amazing what a canine will do to show an individual whom cannot speak the unconditional love she needs that is unspoken. To say Firecracker is a blessing is an understatement! She does things naturally with Tiara that her first service dog Hope 


Dash 0438

Hoodoo’s story: 
This boy 🥰 He is the most demanding one we’ve got. He’s human reactive to any and all strangers, very fearful. He’s a rescue dog from @bigcypressgsdrescue and we know very little about his past but here’s what we know; at 8-9 months old his previous family was considering having him euthanized because “something is wrong with him” “he has screws loose” as if that’s enough of a reason to kill a puppy instead of getting off your ass and figuring out what it is he needs and wants and researching his breed mix. Apparently he was herding their children (he’s a German shepHERD / cattle dog 🤦‍♀️) and he was left outside, escaped, ate a chicken.
Rescue then stepped in and took him to save his life. But you know what? It worked out in our favor, because now we get the privilege of raising up the most sweet & special boy. He is so silly, affectionate, snuggly, gentle, playful, obedient and stubborn and eager to please. He loves his people hard…and once he accepts you it’s all cutesy from now on. There’s times where fate undeniably plays a hand in bringing souls together. He was always meant for us, and we will never give up on him no matter how difficult he can be. We changed his name to Hoodoo after a famous outlaw & Caribbean folk magick 

He’s the apple of my eye. #rescuedog #rescuestory #dogstagram #germanshepherd #cattledog

Brown Puppy 0543

Anubis’s rescue story;
Sweet Nubie is 7 months old! We brought him home when he was 10 weeks. He was supposed to be a last minute, urgent week long foster. His parents are a Belgian Malinois & and a Dutch Shepherd. breeders could only find homes for 5 of 10 puppies so released the rest to rescue…that’s a different conversation. My daughter and I went to go pick up a foster puppy, we had seen them all and were about to leave with Anubis’s brother…then out comes Anubis (then ‘brown puppy’) from hiding. He was the most shy, I didn’t even know he was there. He came out, sat on the lap of the person sitting next to me, and looked me dead in the eyes like he still does today. He knew. I knew. I also knew that choosing the most timid puppy usually means a timid or reactive dog, but hey it’s only a week. We foster failed after a week, we named him Anubis for obvious reasons…and 6 months later here we are. He stole our hearts. He’s so sweet, smart & funny. He’s got some really strange and hilarious quirks. He gives the sweetest kisses and maligator bites I ever got and he loves his neck and chest rubbed. He loves our daughter a little too much, he loves to play and he’s trouble on the run. #dogstagram #rescuestory #belgianmalinoisofinstagram #dutchshepherd #malinois #dogsofinstagram

Glory Puppy Yellow 0499

Kiki is wonderful we love her so much. I can’t believe it’s only been a few months, we can’t imagine our home without her.
She is very funny and loves to play.  We go to the dog park everyday and she has a few best friends in the neighborhood.  Her big sister has learned to love her. It took a week or so for Roxy to adjust but now they are always laying together.  We are so thankful for your rescue and grateful for our baby girl.


Charlie 0184
Charlie 0184


A BCGSR Success Story


Charlie was picked up off the streets of Miami by the DAS.  He was severely underweight, nails worn down to nothing, and canine teeth worn down.  He was heartworm positive and could hardly walk from being so weak.  He was transported immediately to BCGSR.   At the time, it was questionable if he would even survive the trip across the alley.  

Dennis, Jackie and Shadow took Charlie in, fingers crossed that there would be a positive outcome and lead to a forever home.

In the beginning, Charlie could hardly walk.  His back legs and hips were weak and crossed when he walked.  His fur was matted and course.  His spine and ribs were noticeable, and he could not sit up properly.  

Charlie was a very insecure  Shephard .  He did not want to be left alone.  During  covid , Charlie assisted Dennis and Jackie in fostering two puppies, Trina (aka Harley) and Linus (aka Shark).  Charlie loved watching the two puppies’ play.  He would hover over them and protect them.  

As time passed and he gained strength, he was given heartworm treatment.  He took the process like a trooper.  Eventually beating the disease.  

After almost five months of being in a foster home, Charlie was adopted.  After two days, he was returned, which turned out to be a blessing.  Immediately he was adopted a second time by wonderful loving parents Doug and Dianne.  He now lives in the perfect home for him.  He runs along side the golf cart until he gets tired, then jumps in and rides home.  After two years, his nails were filed for the first time, and has put on the weight that is appropriate for him.  

Charlie still has a few challenges, but he is healthy and a loving companion.  Never give up on these dogs.  There is a home out there for every one of them.



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