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Blue Nakai 0220

We love her! We have a new Vizsla puppy two houses down and so they play several times a day. We do doggy training with a professional once a week so she is learning all kinds of new things! We also do lots of nose work and trying to get her to recognize different scents. It’s been a lot of fun and a lifesaver during this period.

Lucy 0107

Lucy visited her foster today and came for a visit. She is such a happy sweet dog. Thanks Lauren Turner  for bringing her. It was great to see her.

Yukon 0038

We only grabbed Yukon to foster him, but over time we started to fall in love with him.  He is very affectionate and loves to play with tennis balls.  He is super protective with all of us. The kids love him. And with your ear down, you're super special to us!

River 0092

Snow (AKA River) came to us from Texas at 8 months old, the same age as our GSD Zeus. When Snow arrived she got along with Zeus, maybe they were both a little stand offish at first but they got along, which was a concern when introducing this new dog to our family. She also walked nicely on a lead but did not understand commands.


  1. She was an escape artist She would Jump over the fence, Dig under the fence. If you opened a gate she would squeeze through and go. Once she was out it was Impossible to catch her until she wanted to stop. Running in the street almost got hit by a car.
  2. She would dig holes everywhere
  3. She would rip out my plants
  4. Destroyed both their expensive beds
  5. Jumped on the furniture and beds. We don't allow them on furniture or beds as they have their own.

She was not at all the Ideal pet and at one point we were at our wits end. A Year later she is the perfect dog and a cuddle butt when she wants. While you are seated she will put both paws high on your chest and wiggle like crazy with kisses. If I sneeze no matter where she is she finds me and does the same, just to make sure I am OK, too cute. She consistently stays with me or not far away when we walk my property off leash outside the fenced in area. She digs very little (anyway, I can't tell which one is digging Zeus or Snow) If I do see either one digging, a verbal rebuke stops that immediately. No destructive behavior and stays off furniture or beds. The best thing is the relationship between Snow and Zeus. They are best friends and if I take one out and not the other, the one left behind stresses out. Getting her as a companion for Zeus was the best thing; in fact it has benefited both of them in the same way, each has their buddy. They are the same age and inseparable.The adoption changed not only her life but Zeus' and ours for the better.

Lola 0149

Top picture on the left is the day we and Colt met Lovie. Now Lola and day 1 of her new life in her forever home. Bottom left is her picture and story posted by BCGSR..I knew then that I wanted her and fell in love with her. Top right is Lola on what is her and Colt's love seat..They cuddle together on it when they are tired, they made it theirs. The 2 of them together, so sweet.  Bottom right is Lola's picture adapted to a calendar that a friend made and included our new girl. 

Her name Lovie first given to her is her true personality. Lola loves her family, snuggles, cuddles and her big brother. She loves car rides especially when we stop for a puppchino after vet visits.

She loves chasing her big brother and teasing him when she gets the frisbee.

Walks are her favorite..she gets so excited and nose to the ground, our adventure starts. Lola has alone time with her Dad when the 2 of them hang out together at Mullock Creek Marina.

My cuddle time with her is every night at bedtime when she climbs into bed and puts her head on my feet..Such a precious girl. Thank you BCGSR for saving this amazing girl. My heart is full. 

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