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Noa 0299

I had originally met Noa when she was first rescued by Big Cypress.  I had walked her a few times when she was still with Michelle Delaney.  She was pretty shy back then but I saw something special in her. However, at that time, we still had Elsa, the dog we were fostering as her hospice home.  Elsa did not care for other dogs.  Elsa lived with us for 22 months which was about 18 months longer than her original diagnosis.  After Elsa passed in September 2021, we were really missing the company of a dog.  
I thought for sure Noa would have been adopted by the time we were ready for another dog.  I had shown my husband pictures of Noa as I saw her still available in posts on Facebook.  My husband also saw something special in her!  So we contacted Michelle and she put us in touch with Cheri WIlson, the wonderful woman that was fostering Noa for well over a year....I believe it was 17 months!  So on January 15, 2022, Cheri brought Noa over to meet with us.  And that was the beginning of our life with Noa.  Noa stayed with us that night and we never looked back!  Noa has really adapted well to our home and enjoys being able to go out and roam on the lanai.  We go for frequent walks throughout the day and of course, we play with a ball throughout the day!  Noa is pretty demanding when she wants to play!  She will grab on of her many balls that are around the house and roll them onto the table, across my computer, or wherever she has to plop it to get our attention!  And there is no ignoring her when she wants to play!  LOL
Noa has gotten to know many of our friends and knows that she gets lots of love from all of them.  If you are not a dog person, then you probably don't want to come to my house!  Noa has the run of the place and has her own special beds in two of our rooms, so she has options during the day if she is home alone.  At night, she is right next to us in our room in one of her beds.  But one of her favorite spots is on her cot that we got her so that she can lounge out on the lanai.  When we sit outside at night for cocktail hour, Noa knows that she also gets a treat of chicken chips!  How quickly she learned to give her paw to earn a treat!  Now she will simply put her paw up before we even ask to let us know that she is ready for her treat! She is so smart!  She puts a smile on our faces every single day.  
Noa has found her forever home and we love having her!  Here are a few pictures of Noa.